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Graduate & Post Graduate Academic Courses


GRADUATE & POST GRADUATE ACADEMIC COURSES We provide support English courses for the following field of studies; -Law -Translation and Interpreting -English Language and Literature -Support Lessons for the Department of American Language and Literature -Support Lessons for the Department of English Teaching -International Relations and European Union

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What is YÖKDİL? The YÖKDİL exam is a multiple-choice, central language exam that determines the level of foreign language at an academic level like YDS. The questions of the YÖKDİL exam, which is administered under the coordination of the Higher Education Directorate, are prepared by Ankara University. Anadolu University Open Education Faculty organizes throughout the country. The content covers the same grammar topics and word lists as YDS exam. YÖKDİL exam consists of 80 questions and the duration is 180 minutes. In the same way, as YDS wrong answers do not eliminate to correct answers and each question is worth [...]

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PTE Course


PTE / PEARSON TEST OF ENGLISH PTE (Pearson Test of English); It is an internationally valid computer-based academic English language proficiency test applied with two different content: Academic and General. PTE, which is equivalent to YDS (Foreign Language Examination) in our country, has a validity period of 2 years and the student has the right to sit an unlimited number of exams for 2 years regardless of any fee. PTE consists of four parts: reading, listening, speaking and writing. The questions often test 2 skills together: listening, reading or reading and speaking. The entire test is conducted in a secure classroom [...]

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PIE Exam Course


PIE EXAM COURSE Preparing for the University Preparation Proficiency Exam is a process that requires dedication. To guarantee success, it is of great importance that the student regularly attends the classes and that he or she can carry out his or her applications, except one-to-one lessons. Continuous feedback is given by the instructor about the regular and systematic activities of the student during the course and individual studying. To guarantee success, it is of great importance that the student attends the classes and do the homework and practices given in the course. The feedback given to the student is of [...]

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What is YDS? YDS, which is a Foreign Language Exam, is a central language exam conducted by the Center for Assessment, Selection and Placement (OSYM). YDS is a multiple-choice test that measures participants' grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and translation skills.It is applied twice a year, spring and autumn. This exam consists of 80 questions in various categories and the duration is 180 minutes. Incorrect answers do not lead to the correct answers in YDS. Each question is worth 1.25 points. YDS is available in English, German, French, Arabic, Bulgarian, Persian, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Greek. The [...]




WHAT IS TOEFL ? It is an online language proficiency test that measures the English proficiency of people who are non-native speakers of English and is valid in more than 165 countries. The exam is organised by the ETS organisation headquarter in the United States and is held in more than 9000 authorised examination centers. Candidates who wish to study undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate at universities abroad, including those in our country, are required to obtain a TOEFL certificate to prove their English proficiency. In addition to this, it is the document that allows the departments in our country with the [...]


Business English


BUSINESS ENGLISH The course topics in the Business English Curriculum are based on the existing organisational structures in the business world and the English language skills used in this context. Business English Program Content: Purchase and sale Marketing Acquisitions Staff Management Mergers and Acquisitions Formal and Informal Correspondence Interview Skills Presentation Skills Phone calls Ethical values meetings negotiations Studies covering different topics related to business life

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SPEAKING COMMUNICATE GLOBALLY ! - PIE & FLAT SPEAKING COURSES - This program has been designed specifically for the PROFICIENCY EXAMS of ECONOMICS & YASAR UNIVERSITY Preparatory Class students. The speaking exam, which is an important part of the Proficiency Exams, is used to document the student's ability to use English fluently and accurately at an Advanced English level, that is, the ability to speak English. - Before PIE & FLAT examinations, our students have the right to participate in “Speaking” classes in addition to the training they take while conducting holistic studies for the Preparatory Pass Exam. - The [...]


Spanish Course


LEARN SPANISH Spanish is the first most spoken language in the world to be considered an official language which is the mother tongue of 21 countries and is the mother tongue of most of the South American countries. Spanish is one of the 3 most spoken languages in the world and is becoming the most spoken language in the European Union after English. Spanish has become a very important language of culture and art from a cultural point of view thanks to Latin dances and music. Besides, Spanish has a great similarity to Italian, Portuguese and French which are in [...]

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IELTS Course


WHAT IS IELTS? IELTS measures the English proficiency of non-native speakers of English; It is a language proficiency test that is accepted by more than 9000 institutions and organisations in more than 140 countries including the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Ireland. Depending on the institution you are applying for or the academic education you will receive, IELTS is done in two ways: Academic and General. Academic IELTS is required for a postgraduate program abroad, while General IELTS is accepted by an institution looking for an English-speaking employee. Candidates seeking undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education at universities abroad, including [...]

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