– Academic Language House offers general-purpose English courses in 6 different level programs.
– Students and Employees can participate in the general-purpose English Training Program.
– The training program is designed for IN-WEEK and WEEKEND groups.
English Education Program Levels:
A1 (Beginner) / A2 (Elementary) / B1 (Pre-Intermediate) / B2 (Intermediate)
C1 (Upper-Intermediate) C2 (Advanced)
– The courses for each level consist of weekly programs prepared by our expert instructors by the needs of the student group.

– You can use your READING, LISTENING, WRITING & SPEAKING skills at the same time. The important thing is not only to have grammar knowledge, but also to express yourself in English in any situation or need, in real life, to understand a text even if you don’t know every word, to give meaning to a phrase you hear or read and to respond.
– All courses at all levels are designed to “improve communication skills and improve speaking practice”.Therefore, our English lessons include interactive activities for our students to actively use the language.
– Our students are encouraged to speak English both by the instructors and by other students in and out of the classes.
– All our levels comply with the framework of the European Union Language Framework Program.

Our Difference

– Academic Language House was founded by our founder Yasemin Talaz Bayraktaroğlu with 20 years of experience in teaching English for Academic Exams and Proficiency in English at all levels.
– Our English courses are designed with visual, auditory and kinaesthetic applications by the learning style of each individual.
– All of our English Education Programs consist of One-to-One, Paired and Groups of up to 4-5 people.
– The development of each student is monitored through a portfolio that contains communication-based comments.
– Instead of theoretical which is also known as grammar-oriented training, we have communication-oriented interactive content in our training programs.

– Training is not provided with a single textbook, the courses are prepared individually according to the language level and needs of each group. All academic and general-purpose English courses offered in our institution are supported by academic books and booklets and question banks of our institution.
– At all levels of the education program, our students are required to fulfil their reading-comprehension, listening, speaking and writing goals at their current level.
– Our students are encouraged to speak English both by the instructors and by other students in and out of the classes.