– This program has been designed specifically for the PROFICIENCY EXAMS of ECONOMICS & YASAR UNIVERSITY Preparatory Class students. The speaking exam, which is an important part of the Proficiency Exams, is used to document the student’s ability to use English fluently and accurately at an Advanced English level, that is, the ability to speak English.
– Before PIE & FLAT examinations, our students have the right to participate in “Speaking” classes in addition to the training they take while conducting holistic studies for the Preparatory Pass Exam.
– The Speaking Program is designed to enable the student to speak English fluently and accurately with every grammatical structure learned. This program is intensively supported by exams.

– Our main goal is to gain fluency by perceiving English as a part of life. Because, unfortunately, making speaking in the last few weeks for the exam cannot lead the student to the target he/she wants.
– Also, COACHING STUDIES are provided by trainer Yasemin Talaz Bayraktaroğlu to overcome this excitement.


– Participants must have English proficiency at B1 / B2 or C1 / C2 level.
– During this program, students will have the opportunity to improve their speaking and write communication skills in English and gain fluent expression skills in presentations.
– During university education, individuals in the process of learning and producing their academic courses in English may have difficulty communicating or expressing information in at least one of their Writing and Speaking skills, even though their English Reading and Listening skills develop. This training program aims to enable students to communicate the information they have learned fluently and accurately in oral or written form.


– There is a speaking club for each level of English.
– All working and studying individuals can join the General English Conversation Club.
– In Speaking Clubs, students with similar language objectives are brought together, groups are organized according to the level of each student.
– Lessons in the Speaking Club are supported by activities and materials for the student to speak English intensively with both his teacher and other students.
– Courses are supported with communication-oriented, visual, audio and physical resources to help students learn and produce the language in the most effective way.