It is an online language proficiency test that measures the English proficiency of people who are non-native speakers of English and is valid in more than 165 countries. The exam is organised by the ETS organisation headquarter in the United States and is held in more than 9000 authorised examination centers.

Candidates who wish to study undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate at universities abroad, including those in our country, are required to obtain a TOEFL certificate to prove their English proficiency. In addition to this, it is the document that allows the departments in our country with the language of instruction in English (such as Business Administration or Law in English) to pass the preparatory class and pass directly to the department.

Also, many institutions in Turkey and abroad accept job applications with a TOEFL score. The required TOEFL scores may vary from institution to institution according to the position to be applied.
In universities, the required TOEFL score differs according to the department and undergraduate level to which you will apply.


The TOEFL exam consists of four parts: reading, listening, speaking and writing.


It takes 60-80 minutes and consists of 36-56 questions. 3 or 4 academic texts are read and the given questions are answered.


It takes 60-90 minutes and consists of 34-51 questions. Lectures, class discussions and conversations are listened and questions answered.


It takes 20 minutes and consists of 6 instructions. Ideas are expressed according to reading and listening guidelines on a particular topic.


It takes 50 minutes and consists of 2 instructions. Texts supporting an idea are written according to reading and listening instructions.