What is YÖKDİL?

The YÖKDİL exam is a multiple-choice, central language exam that determines the level of foreign language at an academic level like YDS. The questions of the YÖKDİL exam, which is administered under the coordination of the Higher Education Directorate, are prepared by Ankara University. Anadolu University Open Education Faculty organizes throughout the country.

The content covers the same grammar topics and word lists as YDS exam. YÖKDİL exam consists of 80 questions and the duration is 180 minutes. In the same way, as YDS wrong answers do not eliminate to correct answers and each question is worth 1.25 points.

Unlike YDS, candidates prefer one of the three fields presented in the YÖKDİL exam as “Social Sciences, Science / Engineering, Health Sciences”. In this way, candidates are tested with texts appropriate to their academic background.
The YÖKDİL exam is also offered in German, French, and Arabic.
The validity of the results varies between 2 and 5 years depending on the field of use of the result and the demands of the academic unit.

Who gets prepared for YÖKDİL?

Candidates who wish to apply for master’s and doctoral programs of universities are required to have YDS exam results.
Applicants are expected to have a foreign language score of 50 or above (although there is no requirement in the Graduate Education Regulations ).10% of this score is included in the overall calculation during the application process.

In doctoral programs, candidates must have at least 55 foreign language points by the same regulation.

In addition to graduate education, the candidates must have a foreign language score at the specified level in the recruitment of academic staff, application for associate professorship, academic qualification, and promotion.

YDS and YÖKDİL examinations have equal validity in graduate education, associate professorship exam and academic promotion process.

At the same time, KPSS score types, which are calculated by adding the foreign language test result with certain weights, are predominantly calculated with the Foreign Language Proficiency Test (YDS) score applied by ÖSYM since 2013.
It is not combined with the KPSS score. For this reason, candidates who work in public institutions or who want to have a language score to be appointed for public service are required to take the YDS exam.